About Re-Energize: When the outside world starts getting a little chaotic, there’s nothing like the antics of the crew of the USS Enterprise to set things right. We are rewatching and talking about Star Trek: The Next Generation, and writing down some of our thoughts for posterity.

About Us:

Katie: I started watching Star Trek in college, with my then boyfriend, now husband, Mark. After the first episode or two, I was pretty sure it wasn’t for me, but Mark convinced me to stick with it. I did, and now I can’t imagine not enjoying it. My favorite series is Deep Space Nine, and my all-time favorite characters (I couldn’t pick just one) are Worf and Garak. My favorites on TNG are Worf and Dr. Crusher.

Mark: Mark started watching Star Trek as a kid. He is the one with all the knowledge, and fittingly, his favorite characters are Data and Cheif O’Brien. TNG is his favorite series, but DS9 is a close second. You definitely want him on your team for Star Trek trivia night.