Why I’m Writing Here

This blog is my second (or third?) attempt at blogging. I am aware that the heyday of blogs is long past, but here I am, typing away. Why? Because I need to be able to write to really make sense of things, to share ideas, and to have fun. Writing is something that I enjoy for the most part, although I do find it to be quite challenging, and although I don’t really anticipate much of an audience, especially here, my style definitely trends more toward long pieces instead of the brief snippets Facebook is so fond of.

Writing is my platform. It’s the way that I can stand up and say something when I think that something needs to be said. I don’t want everything I write to turn into some sort of manifesto, but we live in interesting times, and I find myself needing to say something more frequently than I would prefer. Not saying something isn’t an option for me anymore. Life is too short to keep quiet about the things that really matter. That being said, I want to be able to explore writing in ways that are just fun for me, or new to me. As an English major, I have written my share of essays exploring different facets of literature. I love doing that, and may do something along those lines here. I have a Master of Liberal Studies degree, and the coursework for my program focused on the humanities and human rights. I hope I can continue to explore things in these areas that interest me, as well as share and deepen some of my research that I did for my degree. I learned so much and know that there’s so much to learn, so I want to share that with anyone who may be interested. Creative writing has never been my thing, but I want to play around in that realm, too. I don’t know that I’ll ever produce anything that I feel is worth sharing, but I won’t rule it out!

If you are reading this, you’re welcome to stick around and see what develops here…as of this moment, I’m not entirely sure what that will be, but that is what makes it interesting.